Mixed Lot 10 oz Pure Silver Japanese 1000 Yen Olympic Mt. FUJI 92.5% Silver・17 Coins


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Product: Our choice of Japanese 1964 Olympic/Mt. Fuji 1000 Yen Coins Over 10 Troy Oz・17 Coins
Material: 92.5% silver, 7.5% copper
Details: Each coin contains roughly roughly 18.5 grams Silver / .5948 Troy Oz per coin X 17 coins = Roughly 314.5 Grams of Pure Silver

314.5 Grams Divided by 31.1 Grams = 10.11 troy oz.

31.1 grams per Troy oz

Condition: Circulated
Specifics: Diameter: 35.00 mm Weight: 20.00 Grams

Total Issuance:15,001,516

We will choose a batch of circulated coins, in varying conditions. The pictures included are for your reference only, and will not be the exact coins. These sell in Japan for quite a premium to spot, as collector coins.


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