Pre1966 Japanese Silver 100 Yen Ear of Rice 60% Silver・11 Coins


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Here is your chance to own memorable pieces of modern Japanese culture & history. While they are still available. They don’t make these anymore & and the available supply is dwindling away.

Product: Japanese Pre-1966 Silver 1 Troy Oz 100 Yen 「Ear of Rice」・11 Coins
Material: 60% silver, 30% copper, 10% Zinc
Details: Issued between 1959-1966 Each coin contains roughly 2.88 grams of silver. 2.88 grams X 11 coins = Roughly 31.6 Grams of Silver

31.1 grams per Troy oz

Condition: Circulated
Specifics: Diameter: 22.60 mm Weight: 4.80 Grams per coin

Total Issuance:390,031,376

We will choose a batch of circulated coins, in varying conditions. The pictures included are for your reference only, and will not be the exact coins.


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